What is DBIO and how can it make your business better?

What is DBIO and how can it make your business better?

You may have heard the acronym DBIO, but without knowing what it stands for or what function it supports, it’s impossible to know if it can improve your business. We explain all here.

Many businesses engage a managed service provider like TiG to ensure the day-to-day running of their IT systems and back-up for when things go wrong. However, this is the tip of the iceberg of services that the top managed service providers provide and there are ample opportunities for MSPs to be involved in organisations looking to address their digital business initiatives.

Business leaders are driving digital solutions in their mission to increase revenue, with 51% expected to change the business model in the next three years if they are not already doing it. Of these, one in three say their organisation will engage with a managed services provider on the project. DBIO stands for Digital Business Infrastructure Operations, enabling managed service providers such as TiG to directly support client digital business initiatives.


51% of CEOs expect to change the business model in the next three years to promote digital business.


Everything about DBIO is focussed on achieving the business outcomes CEOs and other business leaders are looking for. For this reason, it’s a collaborative process from the outset, with the leaders outlining the results they’re looking for and the managed service provider suggesting the technology that will get them to this point and allow for close monitoring of outcomes along the journey. The managed service provider is engaged by the business to provide ongoing DBIO services, managing, operating, and continually optimising the digital environment on an ongoing basis to deliver digital business outcomes.

DBIO is bound to specific outcomes the business is looking for, whether that’s improving customer satisfaction, streamlining the supply chain process, or providing more in-depth refined reports. Ultimately, whichever outcome is the goal the value of the business will be boosted. This approach works alongside and is complimentary to the traditional role of a managed service provider, who will already be best placed to recommend the infrastructure and technology that can make a noticeable difference to an organisation’s business outcomes.

TiG Data Intelligence employ business analysts alongside technical experts, meaning our consultants will suggest the solutions that will bring the most valuable outcomes to your business. For more information on how TiG can help make your business better, contact us.

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