Using technology to future-proof business strategy

The first half of 2020 has been the most turbulent period in living history for many business leaders. The quick adaptations that organisations made to enable their staff to continue working have become long term normality. The possibility of continuing to work in this way means businesses have now got to look at how secure these ‘quick-fixes’ are, and how things can be improved from both a business continuity and staff wellness perspective. While nobody can predict how the workplace will look in a years’ time, it is possible to take steps now that will help to future proof the business.

When putting together business plans it is human nature to predict a future that looks largely similar to the present. We rule out improbable events, meaning when they do occur they can feel doubly disastrous. Now that the majority of businesses who were able to have settled into working from home, it’s important to plan carefully for the next phase of changes to the workplace, including the possibility of remaining working remotely for a long time to come. We have to look beyond the ‘response’ phase of planning and make a return to innovation.


Simplifying systems will allow for speed of adaptation for future crisis management. Something that many businesses have learnt during the Covid-19 outbreak is the difficulty of managing multiple inter-connecting software and hardware solutions remotely. Moving to cloud based solutions means there is no physical infrastructure to maintain and access to each application will be far easier.


Make sure whatever systems being used within the business are secure. Due to the sudden switch to home working, some staff may have downloaded unapproved software to allow them to get their work done. This is often done with no malicious intent, but can cause problems further down the line. Check for and remove any ‘shadow IT’ before ensuring that new secure options are put in place.


Position the business for future financial changes. It’s looking unlikely that businesses will be able to return to normal any time soon, and if there is a return to the office it’s possible lockdown measures could be reintroduced later down the line. Managing data and applications in the cloud gives added flexibility, allowing businesses to reduce usage and scale back their costs as and when they need to.


Continue to focus on areas that can be improved through technology. Innovation investments including artificial intelligence are not going to stop, and in fact, innovation will be one of the key factors in what helps the winners survive. Implementing business intelligence dashboards will improve decision making and highlight areas that can be improved upon.

By acting on these points organisational leaders can improve the future prospects of their business, by securing things in the short term and preparing for further changes in the future.

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