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Our social responsibility

We are committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that impact on the environment is minimised and that all activities are conducted safely by well-trained and qualified employees.

Moving towards a more sustainable future, we have joined a scheme to donate unwanted office furniture and IT equipment to schools through Business2Schools. Under this initiative, items are given a second lease of life that would typically go to a removal or destruction company.

What is Business2Schools?

With over ten years of austerity cuts hitting services up and down the country, the education sector has seen a reduction in government funding making it a real struggle for many schools across the country to provide students and staff with the facilities they desperately need.

We believe that education is pivotal to a child’s learning and development and every child should be given the same opportunities to learn and develop regardless of their background.

Many of our clients operate within the financial, legal and professional services sector and it is paramount they use the latest IT equipment. As part of assisting with their IT roadmaps and office moves, we offer to give IT equipment and office furniture that would be heading for disposal a new lease of life.

This is where Business2Schools come in. They have launched an initiative in the UK to ensure that anything a business doesn’t want, such as old IT infrastructure and office furniture is instead offered to a school for a second life.

‘More powerful PCs have allowed schools to run software that they had otherwise not been able to. One A-level media class now has the PCs it needs for its syllabus, which is running on former hedge fund desktops. The first junior school we helped by giving newer computers have seen their SATs results go above national average for the first time. These are fantastic measures of the wider benefits of these donations.’


Get involved

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business with IT infrastructure, or how you can donate old equipment, please contact us.

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