Outstanding data analytics solution

Outstanding data analytics solution

TiG have been announced as finalists at this year’s Computing AI and Machine Learning awards.

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards recognise the best companies, individuals, and projects in the AI space today. We’re proud to be finalists in the ‘Outstanding data analytics solution’ award category, for our Octopus – The business dashboard solution. Octopus democratises data and makes it accessible to organisations that don’t typically have teams of developers and data scientists, leveling the playing field between SMB and enterprise.

Octopus is intended for anyone who has ever been frustrated by endless spreadsheets. But specifically, analysts, finance teams and operational staff, working in businesses of any size, who want to see trends in data, share business insights faster, fulfil compliance requirements and make more informed business decisions.

We work with insurers, consultants and professional service providers who need to use information from multiple business sources and have high security requirements.

Outstanding data analytics solution

Insights gained from multiple data sources are crucial to good investment decisions. TiG is at the forefront of data analytics technology, building systems that can process huge quantities of data and help identify patterns that could determine the next big win. Data from accounting systems, emails, purchasing systems and multiple other live sources is pulled into a single KPI dashboard to allow for rapid comparison and trend analysis.

We forward to continuing to build on the success of this award. If you’d like to find out more about Octopus, you can find it here, or contact us.

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