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Jacques Fourie is the Director of Managed Services at TiG, having worked for the business for over six years in our technical and service delivery teams. As well as being a hugely talented technical specialist, Jacques is known throughout TiG for his commitment to high quality customer service. We caught up with him to find out more.

‘I get excited about technical operations and making things efficient in a very geeky way’

Part of Jacques’ story follows the path that you’d expect of a director within a tech company – he grew up building his own computers at home as a hobby, learning through making machines and solving problems. However, he also found a creative outlet in music and still plays in a band, his most prized possession is his first electric guitar. ‘It’s an Ibanez, very battered and bruised now after being played at countless shows across the years by friends and by me’.

Jacques’ dad was an IT director across Africa and Europe, and despite the passion to pursue a career in music Jacques eventually decided to follow in his footsteps. Being able to solve technical problems is part of the job, but it’s the human side that Jacques really enjoys. ‘I get excited about operations and making things efficient in a very geeky way. I’m also passionate about making things work for people.’

‘It started getting a bit ridiculous’

This ability to build relationships with clients and maintain the human side of problem solving is a value Jacques ensures everyone in the Service Delivery team shares. Last year he interviewed around 50 people for a new role and didn’t end up hiring any of them, ‘It was getting a bit ridiculous. There’s a lot to be said for getting the right person, there are a lot of technology enthusiasts out there but we hire a lot on the basis of attitude, work ethic, and how they fit in with the team on every level. It’s very important to us that they fit in with the culture and they’re here to stay and build a future with the business.’

Success for Jacques is in the retention of clients and staff, something that he says is very co-dependent. ‘Aside from sales, our service team is the most client-facing department in the business and I’m proud that it is made up of people who have been here a long time and have a relationship with the clients they are helping. That’s something that we know really matters to our customers.’

Keeping up with the pace of change

Jacques’ recent focus has been on Azure and modelling TiG’s operations to be more aligned while keeping up with the pace of change. ‘It’s difficult because there are new products and services coming out all the time, and a key part of our role is learning about them so can decipher them for clients.’ Finding the right team who are able to keep up with these demands is a priority for Jacques, and there are staple traits he looks for in all new recruits. Being committed to personal development through certification or practical skills, as well as being a team player and sharing new knowledge with others in the business are both top of Jacques’ list.

‘He transformed the team’

Jacques has built his service delivery team on the basis of mutual support and confidence in one another, but he credits Head of Service Governance Neil Walker with transforming the team to the level at which it stands today. ‘His impact was twofold. He came in and transformed the team to a point where everyone’s personal and professional lives improved. I have a lot of respect for his resolve in making our service as great as it is today’. It’s a high pressure environment, but with the support of the rest of the team and the wider business Jacques ensures everyone can support clients with confidence and authority to solve their technical problems.

Oil and dirt therapy

To get his downtime from the high pressure service desk Jacques still enjoys music and plays in a band. In addition, and perhaps unexpectedly for a self-proclaimed ‘geeky’ managed service director, he also participates in motocross. Calling it his ‘oil and dirt therapy’, motocross gives Jacques the chance to get away from technology and regain the perspective that gives the service desk its human side.

Jacques Fourie, Team TiG

Jacques Fourie,

Director of Managed Services

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