Advanced cyber security

Constant monitoring at the front line against security threats

Why choose Advanced cyber security?

The security applied to TiG’s client businesses is about more than installing the right technology. Effectively managed security is proactive and is continually evolving in response to developments in technology, changes to the business and the threats it faces. That is why we deliver our security service through a continuous process of easy, affordable managed security information and event monitoring.

TiG provide expert advice and guidance on developing and implementing a security policy that gives our clients the utmost business protection.


The security infrastructure is managed as a whole, making it harder for criminals to infiltrate.

Effective monitoring of millions of security event messages.

Real-time detection, analysis and response to threats that occur in the business.

The very best security management tools available.

Highly trained security personnel providing round the clock monitoring

All our engineers go through a thorough verification and training process.

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