New features in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced a whole new range of features for Teams during May, including many releases that have been requested by users. The recent increase in remote working has prompted Microsoft to focus on call and meeting features, to match the functionality of competitor video conferencing options. Here we’ll take a look at the features that have been added and how they can be used.

New features added to Microsoft Teams

More people are now visible in meetings

Previously, the view in Teams meetings was limited to four people at a time, even if there were more people present and with their cameras on. This has now risen to nine video streams at a time in meetings joined via the desktop app.

Attendance reports for meetings have been added

Meeting organisers can now take attendance during a meeting. Simply select ‘Show participants’ followed by ‘Download attendee list’. The report will download a CVS file that can be opened in Excel, showing the name, join time, and leave time of each attendee.

There’s now a ‘Raise your hand’ feature

A feature that was previously available in competitor conferencing options has now come to Teams. If you have a question or comment but don’t want to interrupt the person speaking you can select this feature to let them know. In the control bar, select the hand icon and a yellow hand image will appear in your video feed, letting the rest of the attendees know you’d like to speak. We’ve also used it as a quick ‘show of hands’ voting system at TiG.

Pop out chats for multitasking

In a feature that features may recognise from Skype, it’s now possible to pop out a chat in a secondary window. This means you can still move around the rest of Teams while still chatting in multiple conversations.

More meeting options

Once you send an online meeting invite, open meeting options via the new button that has appeared in Teams. This will open a tab in your web browser where you can edit your meeting settings after the original setup.

We’re experts in implementing Microsoft Teams and would recommend it as the most secure option for business communications. Take a look at the Teams page or download the comparison guide on this page for more information.

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