Mitesh Desai

Mitesh Desai joined TiG Ltd as a Consultant at its inception bringing a broad base of technical skills and knowledge. Mitesh was promoted internally as Technical Director in 2016. He has worked primarily on developing TiG’s cloud portfolio and go to market technical solutions.

Mitesh has been responsible for TiG’s cloud and backup platforms along with the innovative solutions provided through Azure. He has provided technical insight for many of TiG’s clients. He has been a driving force behind TiG’s solution breakthroughs.

One such breakthrough was through the work TiG completed for Guardian 1821. The technology was mostly based on the Microsoft Azure platform, Office 365, TiG’s IP and customised code that delivers all the intelligent automation. TiG used Terraform and Ansible to build AI, Automation and Microservices to  abstract business process journeys and link them to the correct data pipelines.  This provided the backbone for automating firm registrations. TiG are one of Microsoft’s top partners in the insurance sector and engage with digital transformation, start-up “born in the cloud” projects, and on-going management and support. The full case study is available in the Case Studies section.

Prior to TiG Mitesh Desai worked as a Technical Consultant for a nationwide managed service provider.


Mitesh Desai