Laura Zverko

Laura Zverko’s whole career has been in IT and she has experience across a number of roles.

For the majority of her working life, Laura has specialised in the financial services sector, specifically IT security. As well as leading our overall sales strategy, Laura manages our client accounts. Naturally focused on developing whole-business solutions, Laura’s excellent reputation is based on her enthusiasm, knowledge and tenacity. Laura’s ability to develop superb relationships with her clients is frequently referred to in the testimonials she receives.

Laura’s work and specialist knowledge has been a driving force in TiG’s success in the financial services sector. We have been the recipients of numerous awards from the Hedge Fund Manager’s association, among many more. For more detailed information on the work TiG does within this specialist sector, please take a look at the Alternative Investment page by clicking here.

‘The experience I have gained through years of partnering with our alternative investment clients is invaluable to the service TiG provide. We understand the need for high-touch customer service, attention to detail, and the security and compliance requirements of relevant regulatory bodies, which means our clients are able to focus on the job in hand and prioritise fund growth.’

Laura Zverko


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