Five career development tips from TiG’s technical team

Our aim at TiG is to make an impact on business by making cutting edge technology accessible for all. Our team are highly skilled, not only in their areas of expertise, but also in the way they are able to communicate their technical knowledge.

As part of the TiG staff training programme we encourage our team to learn from one another, give them confidence to try out new solutions, and challenge them to improve their own performance with each project they complete. A key part of this is celebrating achievements together as a team.

Alongside technical training and certifications that can be gained from TiG’s partnership with Microsoft, staff are mentored by other team members. When asked what sets TiG apart from other places they have worked, this was a key factor for everyone we asked. Technical Consultant Sateesh Patel summed it up by saying ‘At TiG you have the opportunity to get exposed to different technologies, they’re not afraid to teach you new things. They don’t restrict your learning in terms of what you can do and what you can’t – they will guide you through the process of getting something implemented or learning about a new technology.’

Given the support and training they need, technical staff prove their commitment through completing the necessary certifications and qualifications, as well as the relationships they build with their co-workers and clients.

We asked five of our technical team what advice they’d give to people wanting to move up the career ladder at TiG Data Intelligence.

Jacques Fourie

Jacques began his career at TiG as Service Manager, progressing to Head of Service Delivery before moving to his current role as CTO. His advice is to make sure you stay up to date with technology as it progresses ‘There are new products and services coming out all the time, and a key part of our role is learning about them so can decipher them for clients.’ As a manager he also has a checklist he looks for in potential new recruits. Being committed to personal development through certification or practical skills, as well as being a team player and sharing new knowledge with others in the business are both top of Jacques’ list.

Jacques Fourie, Team TiG

Sateesh Patel

Sateesh is one of TiG’s Technical Consultants, who made the move from the service desk team having progressed from the role of Senior Support Engineer. He says the main skill he has learnt is in dealing with customers, ‘The main goal is to communicate my ideas to the customer. So whatever technology we’re using, try and explain in a simple, non-technical way, because most of the people that we deal with don’t fully understand the technology and what it does.’

His advice for others looking to become a Technical Consultant is ‘Practice the technology you want to get into, for example Microsoft offers trial accounts on Azure, or set up your own server at home. Then you can learn on that because it’s better to make mistakes on a dummy environment than one that gets taken into production. It’s better to learn on the job, doing hands-on stuff rather than just reading loads of articles.’

Ajay Sachania

Ajay joined TiG straight out of university as a Junior Project Manager, progressing to Senior Support Engineer and eventually settling in his current role as Service Manager. He credits his progression to the support her received from COO George Georgiou, ‘There’s no way I could sum up all the guidance he has given me. With his focus on development I have matured in my approach and communication in so many ways…I started at the bottom of this business and I’ve made it to the top, it’s been an incredible journey. The changes over the years have been amazing and as the business has grown I’ve grown too.’ Ajay’s advice for those looking to progress is to make sure they focus their energy and motivation to continue learning.


Andrew Reeve

Andrew started out as a Third Line Engineer at TiG, before moving over to the professional services team as a Technical Consultant. Andrew remembers the project that brought about his career move – ‘We had a really big client that had a massive requirement to build out a website. So I was sent to the client site and we started off doing basic virtual machines in Azure. However, the client was so big that they needed to have automation so I started to implement terraform to build multiple virtual machines in Azure. We started off with a build time of about two days to build the environment, and at the end of the project, using TerraForm and Ansible to utilise automation, and we brought that down to two hours.’

Andrew Reeve

The ability to test out his technical knowledge on the job, with the guidance of more senior members of the team, meant that Andrew was able to display the skills required to earn a promotion to the professional services team.

Andrew also advised that working on ‘soft skills’ was just as important as technical knowledge, ‘You can’t just sit in a closet and work on servers. You are progressing from, for example, a data center role to dealing with clients – you have to go on calls with clients, understand their requirements, be on call and offer a customer care service during the project.’

Mo Rashid

Mo was working for netConsult when it was acquired by TiG in 2019. At that point he was working in the infrastructure team and was identified as having the potential for becoming a Technical Consultant. Mo’s advice is ‘Soak in the information, soak up as much as you can. You can learn lots from other people here, and you need to continue learning. Your colleagues will assist you – it’s a team environment, make the most of it.’

TiG is going through a period of growth, so if you think you have what it takes to make a valuable contribution to our team on your career journey, please get in touch.

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