Business class connectivity

4G internet solution for remote workers

Missing the high speed network in your office?

Working from home has created a challenge for broadband users. Sharing bandwidth with family and neighbours can result in slow speeds and is affecting many households across the country.

We are offering a business class connectivity solution. This is an individual 4G package for home workers which includes a plug-and-play, intelligent 4G Router and an unlimited data SIM. It provides a personal 4G network for a faster and more reliable internet connection at home. External antennas are available and can increase speeds up to ten times.


  • Unlimited data SIMs from O2 or Vodafone
  • Robustel 4G router WiFi router
  • Next working day delivery


  • Plug-and-play – the router is pre-configured before shipping
  • Portable access – take it with you for use anywhere in the UK
  • Use as a back up for your primary connection or as your own 4G connection
business class connectivity

The complete remote working solution

With our M20:20 gateway solution, you can replicate the office environment with access to all your most important apps and documents wherever you are in the world.

Now, with the addition of high speed connectivity, you can also replicate the internet speed you’re used to when connected to the office network. The combination of these two solutions means you can get just as much done at home as you would in the office. Faster connectivity will improve the quality of your Teams or Zoom video calls, so you’ll never again miss any important information or suffer an awkward pause whilst giving a presentation.

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