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BDO is a leading global accountancy and business advisory firm with global reach. BDO is distinctive and as they grow they want to preserve and build on the strengths of their culture and the characteristics that make them successful, different and an enjoyable place to work. TiG needed to ensure that we could enhance the culture through our services.

The Challenge

BDO had a number of challenges from a business and technology perspective that they need to overcome to drive the business strategy forward, the first being the merger with another accountancy firm – PKF. The technology challenge was centred around legacy Lotus Notes and Domino systems that were entrenched within the organisation integrated into all line of business systems.

The merger of the two business created the most immediate challenge as the businesses needed to use the same enterprise document management, this was projected to save the joint business approximately £1.5M a year in file storage space and duplication of systems. The technology challenge was that both organisations were on different email platforms, creating an integration issue with the document management system. BDO have partnered with TiG for over 10 years and requested a strategic review to identify the correct approach to over coming this business critical objective. TiG have delivered all key Microsoft solutions to BDO over this period so remained able to mobilise instantly and deliver a solution that would meet the rapid timescales and business requirements.

TiG adopted Microsoft best practice design practises along with TiG’s solution project methodology they rapidly delivered a complex project. TiG also aligned this methodology to BDO’s internal project management process and procedure, both organisations share intellectual property, developed to ensure projects are delivered in budget and achieve all business objectives. 

The Solution

TiG drove a number of key workshops for both organisations designed to identify all elements of the Messaging requirement, as both utilise different solutions. The objective was to unify the messaging solution and integrate with all the line of business applications including the document management solution both BDO and PKF would utilise.

The output from the workshops resulted in TiG identifying a number of options that centred around moving both organisations to a single platform for all services. TiG created a migration plan for both organisations that included a coexistence solution across all legacy platforms. TiG had to ensure that Exchange and Outlook integration connectors were developed to ensure a staged migration could be achieved. Working in conjunction with all 3rd party suppliers TiG created a seamless deployment and migration strategy.

The integration of the 3rd party applications was critical to achieve the savings required by the business, other business objectives also included high availability and the ability to expand as the newly formed organisation grew.

TiG delivered the Exchange project meeting all business and financial objectives, demonstrating that the right technology can deliver cost savings and increase productivity.


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